Why Fox News Should Hire Bob Woodward

The Washington Post scribe has become a thorn in the White House's side. Paging Roger Ailes!

Bob Woodward looked right at home reminding Fox News Sunday that the sequester was Obama's idea.

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Bob made sure the folks who watch the show's web-only segment get the idea.

"Mitch McConnell, the Senate leader of the Republicans, makes a very good case, and I have it in my book, that the president just walked away."

Then the White House affirmed Woodward's Fox News potential by deciding to engage.

Woodward turned that into another headline — a move that Fox News no doubt loved.

Fox News recognized Woodward's Fox News potential.

"Who do you believe? Do you believe the White House, who has a political stake in this, or do you believe Bob Woodward, who is not know for bashing the left or making up lies about President Obama?"Megyn Kelly, Fox News

Sean Hannity totally dug it.

Journos started to recognize Woodward's Fox News potential.

Then Woodward really made Roger Ailes's day when he told Politico the White House had threatened him.

Just look at how the Twitters went crazy.

Don't Fox News employees get a bonus for receiving threatening e-mails from Obama's White House?

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This match made in cable news heaven has been right in front of us for months. Here's Woodward telling Bill O'Reilly that Obama's inauguration speech was incoherent.

Did you know there's a civil war going on in the Democratic Party? Take it away, Bob.

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And remember, Roger Ailes: He can talk about Benghazi, too!

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"When there is trouble in the White House there is too frequently a passivity."

Oh, and guess who's going to be on Hannity tonight?

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