19 Things That The New York Times Magazine "Planet Hillary" Cover Looks Like

The "newspaper of record's" magazine has entered a whole new universe.

Here is the latest New York Times Magazine cover featuring "Planet Hillary."

And here's 15 things the cover looks like.


Miley and Hillary on NYT Mag cover. how weird

2. Ted Cruz's Wrecking Ball

3. The Death Star

4. This Nancy Grace video

5. "Ego The Living Planet"

6. MadBalls

7. Human IMOJI


RT @mbaram: New Hillary Clinton cover on NYT magazine is clearly a terrible ripoff of great French filmmaker Georges Méliès http://t.co/Nhe…

9. The moon from "Mighty Boosh."

10. Charlie Brown IRL

11. The Gushers commercial


13. The Teletubbies Sun Baby

14. Awesome Face

View this video on YouTube


16. Eric Idle as the Moon at the end of the Figment ride at Epcot




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