The Video Howard Kurtz Doesn't Want You To See Discussing What Is Arguably His Worst Column Ever

The host of CNN's Reliable Sources tried to call out the media's positive coverage of the first openly gay NBA player. He failed.

The Daily Beast's Howard Kurtz made this vlog about Sports Illustrated's Jason Collins story unavailable to the public on YouTube after The Atlantic's David Graham spotted a grievous error in his reporting. Kurtz based the video on his Daily Beast article claiming Collins had concealed his past relationships with women.

Says Kurtz in the video, which is no longer available on his Daily Download YouTube channel:

"If you leave out the fact that you dated this woman for eight years and that you were engaged to be married, then you have not told the whole story and I think this really muddies the whole plotline."

But here's what Collins told Sports Illustrated: "When I was younger I dated women. I even got engaged."

Update: The Daily Beast, not Kurtz himself, has retracted the blog post:

"The Daily Beast sincerely regrets Kurtz's error—and any implication that Collins attempted to hide or obscure the engagement."