The Senator From Fox News

There's no shame in Geraldo's political game. "I'll be here every Friday, until as such time as it's no longer legal."

ICYMI, Geraldo Rivera is wondering out loud on his radio show if he should run for the U.S. Senate in 2014. Yes, everyone's favorite chair catcher wants to lead "a new vitalization of the Republican Party" along side Chris Christie in New Jersey, and he's not shy about how he'll keep himself on the conservative voter's radar until he decides:

FOX & FRIENDS HOST STEVE DOOCY: I've got a question for you: If you do run for Senate, though, you can't be on TV or the radio?

GERALDO: Well, you know, the Senate race is still a good year away, Steve. So I've got some time to hone a message, get around -- you know, ride my Harley to all parts of the Garden State.

STEVE: If you do run, you have to come back to the couch here to make your official announcement.

GERALDO: Well, I'll be here every Friday, until as such time as it's no longer legal.

Why not? It worked for Al Franken:

On his final Al Franken Show, he announced that he is running to reclaim the seat that Sen. Paul Wellstone ... Regular listeners (and I'm one of them) had expected this announcement for more than a year. There was a time, early in his move from Manhattan to Minnesota last January, when he was interviewing every progressive candidate in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Lately, we knew Franken was serious about running because, when guests would start dissing Coleman on the air, he would change the subject. He knew that FCC laws forbid a declared candidate from having his own radio show.