41 Moments That Made Cable News Fun To Watch In 2013

CNN had such a weird year.

41. MSNBC's timing with this chyron.

40. Bill O'Reilly's job requirements for weed editors.

39. Almost every minute of HLN's After Dark.


37. The rabbi with a black belt vs. Don Lemon on CNN.

36. When Twitter saw this picture of Joe Scarborough.


34. RIP Megyn Kelly

33. When Bo Obama videobombed Jay Carney.

32. When Brian Kilmeade made a kid cry on live television.

31. When it looked like Van Jones was cutting the cheese on CNN.

30. Patrick Stewart's guest spot on CNBC during Twitter's big day.

29. Every time Ashleigh Banfield wore this zebra print on CNN.

28. Jesse Ventura’s ponytail vs. Piers Morgan



25. This CNN chyron that said Nelson Mandela died in 2012.



22. These two on CNN's "Crossfire."

21. Anderson Cooper's Prancercise appreciation block.

20. When Erin Burnett tweeted out her hookah.

19. When Anthony Bourdain totally refrained from getting stoned on CNN.

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18. This high five.

17. When Fox News reminded everyone that Inauguration Day was the most depressing day of the year.

16. Chuck Todd's finger dance.

15. When this pregnant lady almost fainted while Obama spoke.

14. The now annual eruption of Mt. O'Reilly.

13. Chis Matthews speaking Zulu.

12. When CNBC branding attacked a guest.

11. When CNN moved Hong Kong to South America.

10. When Brian Kilmeade asked his Nicaraguan co-host if she grew up on tacos.

9. Piers Morgan shooting guns.

8. When we morphed all the faces of cable news together.

7. TIE: When MSNBC hired and fired Alec Baldwin.

6. Tom Foreman's magic goats.

5. When Obama threw shade at "so-called progressive" Chris Matthews.


4. Shep Smith's new giant iPad-infused Fox News set.

3. The time Nancy Grace and Ashleigh Banfield held a split-screen interview in the same parking lot.

2. Russell Brand vs. Mika Brzezinski.

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1. CNBC's revolutionary use of the "breaking news' alert.

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