Michelle Obama Wants A Female President In The USA "As Soon As Possible"

"I think we have some options, don't we?"

While speaking to ABC's Robin Roberts at the White House Summit on Working Families, First Lady Michelle Obama treated the audience to a bit of 2016 political punditry:

Robin Roberts: "There are many feeling that if we're going to talk about leadership, and that's what we're doing here, that a woman president is part of that, and what an example that would set for your girls, and for young boys, and for all of us. Do you perceive that happening, and when should that happen?"

Michelle Obama: "That should happen as soon as possible. And I think this country is ready. This country is ready for anyone who can do the job, and what we have learned is that the person who can do the job doesn't have a particular race or gender or background or socio-economic status. The person who can do the job is the person who is the most qualified. I think we have some options, don't we?"

Earlier, Roberts asked Obama if her next act would be in the world of politics.

"No, it will not be political. No, it definitely will not be," Obama said, adding, "It will be mission based. It will be service focused."