It Only Takes 19 Seconds For Fox News' "The Five" To Cast Obama As "The Most Left-Wing President Ever"

Taxes and corporate bailouts topped the rapid fire list.

While discussing David Remnick's 17,000-word profile of Barack Obama, The Five's Greg Gutfeld argued that Obama's status as "the most left-wing president, ever" are what has diminished his popularity among white voters. (The hosts had been discussing remarks made by the president about race in the piece.)

Gutfeld's declaration was challenged by the Fox News panel show's lone liberal, Bob Beckel, which led to the rest of The Five into a rapid fire list of reasons why they think the president ranks more left-wing than, say, FDR or LBJ:

BECKEL: "What makes him such a leftist? For those of us on the left, he's not that left."


ERIC BOILLING: "Bailouts. Taxes. Regulation"

GUTFELD: "Redistribution. His friends. Palling around with terrorists. I will never forgive him for that."

ANDREA TANTAROS: "Downplaying American exceptionalism."

BOILLING: "You didn't build that. Uh, we're gonna spread the wealth around."

PERINO: "Enemies."

BOILLING: "We're gonna bankrupt the coal industry. Other than that, he's, you know.."

GUTFELD: "Pipeline. Global warming."

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