Glenn Greenwald Blasts MSNBC Host's "Misleading White House Talking Points" About The NSA Leaks

The man who helped reveal the identity of the former CIA employee responsible for the NSA leaks had tense early morning debate with MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski over what he calls the administration's "rampant abuse" of power.

MIKA BRZEZNISKI: "I just want an answer, yes or no. Isn't it the case that reviewing of emails or any wire tapping cannot take place without an additional warrant from a judge and a review. It's not like there's haphazard probing into of all our personal emails. Can we put this into context so we can understand exactly what's going on?"

GLENN GREENWALD: "Yeah, I'll put it into context for you. The White House talking points that you're using are completely misleading and false."

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