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Chuck Todd's Goatee On Everybody

BuzzFeed has liberated Chuck Todd's goatee so that it can fullfil it's destiny and take over television news once and for all.

Posted on May 15, 2012, at 5:33 p.m. ET

Chuck Todd

Joe Scarborough

Greta Van Susteren

Jake Tapper

Mika Brzezinski

Anderson Cooper

Chris Matthews

Willie Geist

John King and Dana Bash

Luke Russert

Shep Smith

Mike Barnicle

Ed Schultz

Lawrence O'Donnell

Ed Henry

Rachel Maddow

Brian Williams

Fareed Zakaria

David Gregory

George Stephanopoulos

Dylan Ratigan

Chris Hayes and Ezra Klein

Erin Burnett

Cenk Uygur

Bill O'Reilly

Howard Kurtz

Mark Halperin

Al Sharpton

Special thanks to Photoshop wizards Amy Sly and Chris Ritter for all the help!