Chris Hayes Quotes "Ten Crack Commandments"

The MSNBC weekend host invoked Notorious B.I.G. during a monologue that described Republican strategists who question the credibility of national polls as being caught in a "bubble trap" of "smoking what they're dealing."

In the song "Ten Crack Commandments," Biggie Smalls offered a set of rules for drug dealers who wanted to avoid the perils of the trade and one of them was a piece of old advice:"Never get high on your own supply." Same goes for political strategists: never confuse your own talking points for the truth, don't start believing that everyone out there in the voting booths are seeing the world the way you do. The GOP has, I think lost sight of this simple wisdom. They're smoking what they're dealing. It's a big part of why those polls numbers look the way they do... and good a reminder of the dysfunction and incompetence that happen when the people in charge only listen to themselves.

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