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13 Things Only Cable News Fans Will Understand

You know who you are.

Posted on July 15, 2014, at 12:47 p.m. ET

1. This man.

Who is he? Only a true cable news fan would know.

2. These two are not married.

Hard to believe? Not if you've been watching cable news for the last 15 years.

3. What this is all about.

This didn't happen on cable news but a true cable newser knows that this is perfectly natural.

4. If this means what you think it means.

It's open to interpretation, unless of course you're a huge cable news fan.

5. There's no time for lunch breaks in the 24/7 news biz.

Real cable news fans know that their broadcast heroes have to slurp down burritos just like everyone else cos they can see them doing it on live TV.

6. This kid’s deal.

He looks like a patriotic young man who believes in the American people, but it’s hard to tell if you don't watch cable news.

7. What this lady is saying.

Yeah, you know what she's talking about. Well, you do if you're a huge cable news junkie.

8. This guy can, and will, drop in unannounced all the time.

Is he bored? A god? A bored god? Cable news fans know for sure, but the casual viewer might think he's just rude.

9. What's going on here.

Is she breaking news or just breaking hearts? Cable news fanatics will probably tell you if you ask nicely.

10. How sexy this is.

You might understand if you start watching cable news right now.

11. How to interpret this unique form of political analysis.

It's easy. Well, it's easy IF you're a cable news insider.

12. Whether this GIF is from cable news or not.

It looks like it's from CNN, but it might be a universal acid flashback or something. Cable news fans might have an answer in the comments section of this post.

13. Watching cable news is the only way to stay informed without reading and stuff.

No idea what's happening here? You should probably put down your kindle and watch some cable news.

Note: This post was inspired by this post.