The Intersectional Woman's Reading List

Eleven recent essays by young women who are tackling issues of race, gender, and class head-on.

1. "Watching the Woke Olympics": Maya Binyam, The Awl, April 5, 2016

2. "A Love Profane: On Beyoncé's Lemonade": Doreen St. Félix, MTV, April 28, 2016

3. "No Offense": Jia Tolentino, Jezebel, Dec. 23, 2015

4. "Showing My Hand": Larissa Pham, The Hairpin, March 16, 2015

5. "Self-Portraits": Devan Diaz, Rookie, March 22, 2016

6. "The Questioning Continuum: Seeking Sexuality as a Lifelong Process": Joshunda Sanders, Bitch, fall 2014

7. "They Pretend To Be Us While Pretending We Don't Exist": Jenny Zhang, BuzzFeed, Sept. 11, 2015

8. "Flight of the Ruler": Gabrielle Bellot, Guernica, August 17, 2015

9. "I Don't Know What to Do With Good White People": Brit Bennett, Jezebel, Dec. 17, 2014

10. "My Private Shame: I Didn't Report My Sexual Assault": Ashley Ford, Elle, July 29, 2015

11. "Love, Disability, and Movies": Keah Brown, Catapult, April 21, 2016


This post has been updated to include Keah Brown's essay and Vilissa Thompson's website.

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