People Are Not Thrilled About Getting An Email From Amazon About Their Nonexistent Baby Registries

An email went out Tuesday afternoon informing people that "a gift is on its way."

On Tuesday afternoon, a lot of people received an email from Amazon about their baby registry.

The problem is... a lot of these people didn't have baby registries.

This was the email I received. Note: I do not have a baby registry on Amazon or anywhere else. In fact, I have spent the better part of the last two years trying to get pregnant. So getting this email was ... unwelcome.

When I clicked through, it redirected me to the Amazon app on my phone.

My co-worker Katie, who has an Amazon baby registry, was redirected to a blank page.

Some people who got the email felt the way I did.

@Juliacsk @AmyIrenie @amazon @amazonregistry about getting the Amazon baby registry email WHILE WATCHING A C…

Doree Shafrir

If @amazon wants to apologize for that incredibly insensitive blunder re: baby registry, they can send me the apple watch from my wishlist

Other people were simply confused.

Wait. Did other women also get an Amazon email saying that something had been purchased from their baby registry? My "baby" is 9 years old!

got an email from amazon that someone bought me something off my 'baby gift registry' which is concerning in so many ways

Some people simply took it in stride.

Amazon notified me that someone bought a gift from my baby registry. Shocked to learn I'm a father; hope his wishlist was mostly bourbon. 🥃

Amazon just informed me that someone has purchased a gift from my baby registry. My baby is 21, and hopes it's a keg.

Other people who actually do have an Amazon baby registry were sad that no one had actually bought them anything.

@amazon Thanks for getting my hopes up for nothing. I thought maybe someone bought a crib for my baby 😪…

And some people were just convinced it was Amazon's sneaky way of getting everyone to ... buy more stuff on Amazon.

That amazon baby registry email was a goddamn ploy to get me on their site today and it worked because I just bought more fucking leggings

An Amazon spokesperson wrote in an email to BuzzFeed News: “We are notifying affected customers. A technical glitch caused us to inadvertently send a gift alert e-mail earlier today. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.”

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