Exclusive Look: The Art Of Valve

What do Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2 and Portal all have in common? Other than being wicked awesome games? Each one is getting a glimpse of their character origins in Valve Presents.

Louis of Left 4 Dead encounters a zombie.

The Left 4 Dead Witch revealed in all her glory.

The Left 4 Dead gang escapes by train while [Left to Right] a Smoker, a Tank and a Witch look on.

Hot zombies. Well, bikini clad zombies.

A childhood photo of Team Fortress 2's Demoman sheds light on the danger of the family profession.

Saxton Hale, the man behind the weapons of Mann Company on Team Fortress 2.

Looks like the Team Fortress 2 Blue Engineer has found some interesting plans.

An assortment of treacherous Spy gear available in Team Fortress 2.

Sniper no sniping. Things are heating up for Red vs. Blue in TF2.

The face behind the ominous voice over in TF2 is revealed...sort of.

The Ratman tries to rescue Chell prior to Portal 2.

Cover art from the Portal 2 prequel comic.