Most Read Wikipedia Articles From Around The World In 2012

There is a serious lack of cats and porn in this post. Available in 40 languages, Wikipedia searches can highlight culture divides.

1. English speakers looked up Facebook 32,647,942 times. Whyyyyyyyy?

2. Meanwhile, the Japanese understood what the Internet is for, looking up the full list of local adult film stars 18,569,543 times.

3. For some reason, the Dutch were super interested in Hua Shan, a mountain in Shaanxi, China. It had 12,719,284 views.

4. And in Russia, the top visited Wikipedia article was Russia with 3,682,191 visitors.

5. Like their English counterparts, the Spanish Wikipedia community couldn't get enough of Facebook with 11,217,715 searches. Whyyyyyyyy?

6. The article on Baidu, or China's equivalent to Google, was read by 4,907,569 people.

7. Anyone care to explain why the Germans read about cul-de-sacs 10,206,548 times?

8. In Turkey the country's first President, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, topped article searches at 2,185,387.

9. French speakers love (or hate) Embattled Holly so much they read about it 4,464,618 times.

10. At 1,385,687 visits, Indonesia is the third country to have Facebook as their top article. Whyyyyyyyy?

11. Only 752 ,669 Danish speakers looked up tea, but it was enough to bump it to the top position.

12. Vietnam also understands the Internet's purpose, and was studying the list of every sex position ever. 2,018,973 times.

13. And over 2,592,423 Italians needed to catch up on their "Grey's Anatomy".

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