Reddit Moderator In Charge Of Feminism Forum Believes In "Men's Rights"

Allegedly also a dude. Awkward.

If you already know all about Reddit and the ViolentAcrez controversy with Gawker, feel free to skip on down. For everyone else, here's the quick and dirty:

Reddit is a forum where volunteer community moderators work on forum threads divided into topics (sub-reddits). ViolentAcrez was a community moderator with his hands in a lot of pies, including a forum called "CreepShots" where his job was to cull any girl that looked over the age of sixteen. This is skeezy behavior and Gawker called him out on it. Reddit reacted poorly. Then they banned "CreepShots" anyway and went into PR spin mode.

This story comes from one of the leaked internal conversations between the Reddit staff and Community moderators about how to handle all this unwanted media attention.

Meet Demmian

The above screenshot is from a leaked private thread. In essence, Demmian is saying doxing, which is slang for having your real identity outed on the Internet, is a worse offense than taking photos of underage girls without their knowledge and sexualizing them on the Internet. Because people are going to do it anyway, so you might as well not even bother trying to change things.

Not content to just use this damaging evidence, Buzzfeed dug deeper into Demmian's history with the site. It's not pretty. While we couldn't find how people know Demmian is a man, the consensus is prevalent among power users.

You can read about his rise to power in /r Feminism HERE.

Other Gems Include:

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