No, This Video Doesn’t Show A Giant Anti-Trump Protest In Los Angeles

The video is actually two months old and from another country.

On Saturday, a video purporting to show throngs of demonstrators in Los Angeles protesting Donald Trump was being widely shared on Twitter. The problem? It's not a video of LA.

The video is actually from a protest two months ago in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, against that county's controversial president, Nicolás Maduro.

More than 1 million people despite all the obstacles & intimidation. Maduro no longer has a mandate #1s #Venezuela

The nation has plunged into deep economic crisis after a downturn in oil prices.

But thousands of Angelenos did, in fact, take to the streets on the first weekend after Election Day. Just not in that video.

David Mcnew / Getty Images / Via

Protesters also marched in New York City, Chicago and other cities across the country.

Kena Betancur / AFP / Getty Images / Via