"Frozen" Star Josh Gad Responded To Those Fan Theories About Elsa’s Sexuality

"It was more about Elsa embracing Elsa," Gad, who voices the snowman Olaf, told BuzzFeed News.

Frozen star Josh Gad has some answers — kind of — for Queen Elsa stans who desperately want the pop culture icon to be lesbian.

For now, Gad said, it’s less about finding a partner and more about “self-love.”

During an interview on AM to DM, BuzzFeed News' morning show, on Wednesday, the actor who lends his voice to the adorable snowman Olaf said: “The directors wanted to tell a story that didn’t necessarily feel like it was about Elsa necessarily searching for or looking for love."

He added, "It was more about Elsa embracing Elsa."

Gad did, however, leave room for that development later on: “It’s not to say that journey can’t still happen in the future.”

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Fans of the Disney franchise have speculated about Elsa’s sexuality since the first installment, Frozen, was released in 2013 with the Oscar-winning classic "Let It Go" becoming something of an LGBTQ anthem.

In the original movie, while her sister, Anna, entertains romantic feelings for other male characters, Elsa has no time for such considerations as she is preoccupied with her supernatural powers.

The anticipation that Elsa might come out as queer in the sequel was only heightened in the days leading up to the release of Frozen 2.

Many fans tweeted what they hope to see in the sequel.

i haven’t seen frozen 2 yet but i know elsa is a lesbian

so is elsa a lesbian or should i not go see frozen 2

Despite no official confirmation or hint from the writers or Disney, fans have shipped Elsa and Honeymaren, a supporting character.

elsa said im gonna live my best lesbian life in the woods with my girlfriend and our kids

the gays getting ready to see elsa do lesbian activity with honeymaren in frozen 2

Ok the way Elsa and Honeymaren look at each other gives me some strong gay vibes #Frozen2spoilers #Frozen2

When asked for a definitive answer on whether we can expect anything concrete on Elsa's sexuality in Frozen 3 (which hasn't been confirmed), Gad said, "I didn't say that, I never said those words!"

Gad added that he "loves that everybody takes something else from Elsa," that her character has something unique for everyone, and that the movies have grown up with the audience, just like the Harry Potter franchise.

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