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Who Said It: Melania Trump Or Twilight Sparkle From "My Little Pony"?

"It's amazing what's going on, and we're having fun!"

Posted on July 19, 2016, at 5:59 p.m. ET

In case you're new to the internet today, Melania Trump is facing a bunch of criticism for apparently plagiarizing a section of her Republican National Convention speech from one Michelle Obama gave in 2008.

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

On Tuesday, one Republican spokesman defended Trump by noting one of her speech's lines was similar to a quote from My Little Pony character Twilight Sparkle. (Yes, this really happened).

Which brings us to this important test: Can you tell the difference between a Melania Trump quote and one from Twilight Sparkle?

Discovery Family/Alex Wong / Getty Images
  1. "It is kindness, love, and compassion for each other that will bring us together, and keep us together."

  2. "Now, on a day like today, I can honestly say I wouldn't be standing here if it weren't for the friendships I've made with all of you. Each one of you taught me something about friendship, and for that, I will always be grateful."

  3. "You know, choosing not to choose isn't really a decision."

  4. "Oh, sorry, girls...I got a lot of studying to catch up on."

  5. "I can't believe we're finally here. With all that we've imagined, the reality of this night is sure to make this... the best night ever!"

  6. "It's amazing what's going on, and we're having fun!"

  7. "Yes, the dΓ©cor is coming along nicely. This oughta be quick. I’ll be at the library in no time. Beautiful, indeed."

  8. "No room for small thinking. No room for small results."