Donald Trump Swears He Never, Ever Said Any Of These Things

He never said any of this, you guys.

1. Donald Trump never said gun advocates should try to stop Hillary Clinton, you guys.

Despite Trump telling a North Carolina rally on August 9 that "Second Amendment people" may be able to stop Hillary Clinton from appointing judges who would rule against gun rights, he says he actually never said that.

As the Trump campaign pointed out, it was the "dishonest media" that mischaracterized his remarks about harnessing the "political power" of "Second Amendment people."

"There can be no other interpretation," Trump told Fox News. "Even reporters have told me. I mean, give me a break."

2. Donald Trump never said that Russia should hack Hillary Clinton's emails, you guys.

Despite Trump telling reporters in Florida on July 27 that Russia should try to go into his opponent's emails to try to uncover her "missing" correspondence, Trump says he actually never really said that.

"Of course I was being sarcastic," he told Fox News of his earlier request that “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. Let’s see if that happens. That will be next.”

3. Donald Trump never mocked a reporter with a disability, you guys.

Despite flailing his arms about, making a claw with his hand, and stammering his speech while he performed an impression in November of a New York Times reporter with arthrogryposis, which limits the functioning of his joints, Trump says he never actually mocked the journalist.

“I spend millions a year, or millions of dollars on ramps, and get rid of the stairs and different kinds of elevators all over [in Trump-constructed buildings] and I’m gonna mock? I would never do that,” he said last month. “Number one, I have a good heart. Number two, I’m a smart person.”

Besides, despite telling the South Carolina crowd in November "you ought to see this guy," Trump says he has never actually even seen the reporter. “I didn’t know what he looked like. I didn’t know he was disabled. I didn’t know it, I didn’t know it at all. I had no idea. So I started imitating somebody — I didn’t speak to the guy — somebody that was groveling," he said later.

4. Donald Trump never blamed Megyn Kelly's menstrual cycle for her tough debate questions, you guys.

Despite Trump telling CNN in August 2015 that Fox News' Megyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever" when she asked him tough questions at a GOP debate, Trump says he never actually said she was being forceful because of her menstrual cycle.

He was simply referring to blood coming out of her nose, he tweeted shortly after.

“I meant her nose or her ears or her mouth,” Trump said in Florida earlier this month. “But these people are perverted and they thought I was talking about somewhere else."

This was despite him also telling a Wisconsin television station in March that his remarks about women are mostly in jest, except for his comments about the Fox debate.

"I didn’t say that in jest at all. I said that 100% because Megyn Kelly never treated me fairly and everybody knows it," he said.

5. Donald Trump never said that John McCain is not a war hero, you guys.

Despite Trump disparaging Sen. John McCain for being captured by the enemy during the Vietnam War and saying he was "not a war hero," Trump says he actually "never did that."

“I came here because you made a comment to John McCain that you don’t think captured soldiers are heroes,” a man, who was introduced as the father of a soldier who was captured and killed in Iraq, asked Trump at an Ohio rally in March.

“Oh, no, no, no, I never did that,” Trump responded.

“What I want you to do is just clarify that for me,” the man continued, “because I think it’s important for all … the veterans in Ohio [to hear your answer], because I know what you were doing–”

“You knew what I was doing, you knew exactly what I was doing,” Trump said, shaking the man’s hand. “They are heroes just so you understand, real heroes, OK? You know that.”

6. Donald Trump never said he supported invading Iraq, you guys.

Despite Trump explicitly telling radio host Howard Stern in 2002 that he supported the invasion of Iraq, and writing in 2000 that "Iraq remains a threat" because of its supposed nuclear arsenal, and saying in 2003 that the US-led Iraq invasion "looks like a tremendous success from a military standpoint," Trump has said again and again he never actually supported the invasion.

7. Donald Trump never actually supported the intervention in Libya, you guys.

Despite Trump saying in 2011 the US needed to "go in" to Libya "to save these lives," and criticizing the US for "not bringing [soldiers] in to stop this horrible carnage" by Libyan dictator Muammar al-Qaddafi, and saying that "if you don’t get rid of Qaddafi, it’s a major, major black eye for [the US]," he says he was never actually in favor of a Libyan invasion.

"I never discussed that subject. I was in favor of Libya? We would be so much better off if Gaddafi were in charge right now," he said in February.

8. Donald Trump never said he supported the toppling of Egypt's Hosni Mubarak, you guys.

Despite Trump telling Fox News in 2011 that it was "a good thing" former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was ousted from power during that country's Arab Spring revolution and implying he was corrupt, the Republican nominee says he never actually supported Mubarak being thrown out of office.

“[Obama] supported the ouster of a friendly regime in Egypt that had a longstanding peace treaty with Israel, and then helped bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power in its place,” Trump said in April.

9. Donald Trump never said he has a relationship with Vladimir Putin, you guys.

Despite Donald Trump saying in 2013 that he has "a relationship" with Vladimir Putin, and despite him saying in 2014 that the Russian leader sent him a present and that the two had spoken "indirectly and directly," and despite him saying at a 2015 debate that he "got to know [Putin] very well" when they were on 60 Minutes together (albeit from different continents), Trump says he never actually met with Putin.

"I have no relationship with him," he told ABC in July. "Just so you understand, he said very nice things about me, but I have no relationship with him. I don't -- I've never met him. … I have no relationship with Putin. I don't think I've ever met him. I never met him."

10. Donald Trump never said he would pay the legal fees of supporters who assault protesters, you guys.

Despite promising an Iowa rally in February that he would "pay the legal fees" of anyone who "[knocks] the hell" or "[knocks] the crap" out of a protester at one of his events, Trump says he never actually said that.

"I don’t condone violence," Trump told ABC in March. "I never said I was going to pay for fees."

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