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This Soccer Player Struggling With A Water Bottle Proves Olympians Are Actually Human

The struggle is real. (Note: This post contains media that can only be seen in the US)

Posted on August 13, 2016, at 10:59 a.m. ET

The Australian and Brazilian women's soccer teams faced off against one another in the quarter finals of the Rio Olympics on Friday night.

Pedro Vilela / Getty Images

After two hours of play and extra time, the home team won the match in a penalty shoot-out, 7-6.

Mariana Bazo / Reuters

During a break in play in the second half, when the Aussie goalkeeper went down, team captain Lisa De Vanna decided she needed some refreshment.

Eugenio Savio / AP

Luckily teammate Elise Kellond-Knight was on hand with a water bottle to share.


Presumably because she was so laser focused on plotting how to beat the Brazilians, De Vanna was, err, a little distracted.


She seemed to briefly forget how water bottles work.


Realizing her captain was in dire need of water/saving from embarrassment, Kellond-Knight heroically intervened.


"Ummm, not so much, captain" — Kellond-Knight, probably.

"Therrrrrrrrre you go, friend."


Here's the video.

Olympians: They're just like us.


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