This Light Show Is The Trippiest Thing You'll See Today

Seriously trippy, but seriously gorgeous.

Vivid Sydney is a glorious festival held every year Down Under, where lights are projected onto some of the city's most iconic buildings.

Landmarks like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge are illuminated with vibrant, mind-melting colours and designs.

With its white sails, the Opera House in particular makes the perfect backdrop for some of the most incredible projections.

The modernist masterpiece looks completely reborn when lit up with a rainbow of color.

This year, art from Australia's Indigenous community has been showcased. Some works feature traditional creatures from Aboriginal mythology...

While others are more abstract...

And some were just plain colorful.

Some of the exhibits scattered around downtown Sydney are interactive, like the "Cathedral of Light" in the Royal Botanic Gardens.

It's basically the perfect place for your next Instagram pic.

Another crowd favorite this year is the "I Love You" installation, with its very own Love-O-Meter.

Some of the coolest works, though, involve Mother Nature.

The "Synthesis" work aims to shed scientific light on the Moreton Bay Fig, a huge, sprawling species of tree common on the city's waterfront.

Tree roots glow from beneath the ground...

While twisted trunks and branches look seriously psychedelic.

Vivid Sydney runs from May 27 to June 18.

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