Trump On His Womanizing Image In 1993: "It's Fortunate I Don't Have To Run For Office"

The 2016 Republican nominee for president made the comments during an interview with New Zealand television.

Donald Trump once said his reputation for surrounding himself with beautiful, glamorous women would make it difficult for him to run for political office.

Trump made the comments during a 1993 interview with New Zealand television channel TV3 that was uncovered by the website Newshub. The New Zealand website reported Trump was visiting Auckland for one day to apply for a casino license.

"A lot of people have this image have this image of you as a high-rolling tycoon associated with glamorous women, is that the sort of image you enjoy of yourself?" the reporter asked Trump.

"No, I don't enjoy that image," Trump responded. "I guess I have that image."

"I think women are beautiful – I think certain women are more beautiful than others, to be perfectly honest — and it is fortunate that I don’t have to run for political office.

"But I do have a level of popularity, and frankly it's not the image I want. The image I want is that I'm doing great in business." / Via

Trump's visit to Auckland was on Aug. 23, 1993, according to the New Zealand Herald, following his divorce from Ivana Trump and affair with Marla Maples. He and Maples married in December of that same year.

The 2016 Republican nominee is currently facing a campaign crisis after 2005 footage of him boasting about sexually assaulting women by "[grabbing] them by the pussy" and trying to have sex with a married woman was shared Friday by the Washington Post.

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