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700,000 People March Across France To Remember Terror Victims

Vigils have also been held across Europe and around the world.

Posted on January 10, 2015, at 12:49 p.m. ET

Around 700,000 people took to the streets of France on Saturday to remember the victims of three-days of Islamist terror attacks, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve told reporters.

Stephane Mahe / Reuters

Several thousand people turned out for this march in the western city of Nantes to remember the 17 victims who died in the attacks on the Charlie Hebdo offices, a kosher supermarket, and a lone policewoman.

Stephane Mahe / Reuters

In the southeastern city of Nice, the famed Promenade des Anglais was filled with tens of thousands of people taking part in a silent procession.

AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau

Many waved French flags amid the sea of people.

AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau

The French interior minister also said thousands of extra police and soldiers would be on duty on Sunday for a march in Paris expected to draw several hundred thousand people, Agence France Presse reported.

AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau

In nearby Marseille, thousands descended on the city's waterfront to honor those killed in the three attacks.

AP Photo/Claude Paris

Demonstrators in Marseille held a sign reading "For democracy, for equality, for freedoms. Let us fight all fascism!"

AP Photo/Claude Paris

In the Drancy neighborhood of Paris, the local Imam joined a Rabbi to observe a minute's silence at a makeshift memorial outside the kosher deli where four hostagaes were killed Friday.

AP Photo/Peter Dejong

People also rallied in the northwestern city of Caen, holding up pencils to remember the victims of the Charlie Hebdo newspaper attack.


People also held signs reading "Je Suis Charlie" and "Let ink flow, not blood" during a march in the central city of Limoges.


Demonstrations and vigils have also been held across Europe, with a "Je Suis Charlie" banner hanging from the famed Rialto Bridge in the Italian city of Venice.

AP Photo/Andrea Merola/ANSA

In the Czech Republic, a young boy kneeled at a memorial outside the French Embassy in Prague to pay his respects.

AP Photo/CTK, Michal Dolezal

While in the United Kingdom, people held placards and pencils in the southwest city of Bristol.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

People also lit remembrance candles in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Baz Ratner / Reuters

While in South Africa, Johannesburg residents showed their solidarity with the victims, singing the French national anthem and observing a minute of silence.

AP Photo/Jerome Delay

In eastern France, ski competitors at the FIS Nordic Combined World Cup leaped over a message that read "Je Suis Charlie."


While second placed Alexis Pinturault held up a sign reading "Je Skie Charlie" to remember his compatriots.

AP Photo/Keystone, Peter Schneider

Back in the French city of Nice, players observed a minute of silence before a soccer match, while people in the crowd held a large banner reading, "We are Charlie."

AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau

Before the match between teams from Nice and Lorient, players warmed up in shirts expressing their solidarity with the victims.

AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau

Meanwhile in eastern Germany, thousands gathered in Dresden to support "global awareness, humanity, and dialogue" in opposition to the anti-Islamic Pegida movement.

ARNO BURGI/AFP / Getty Images

It's expected the Pegida movement will gain strength in Germany following the deadly French attacks.

ARNO BURGI/AFP / Getty Images