Who Was 2015's Biggest Loser?

No matter who wins this poll, they all lose.

With the year almost at an end, it's time to decide who the biggest loser was in 2015.

Let's take a look at the contenders.

1. Bill Cosby

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

OK, let's get the big ones out of the way first.

After allegations were first leveled against the comedian last year, more and more women came forward in 2015 to make accusations of sexual assault against Cosby, whose career is now in tatters.

2. Jared Fogle

Michael Conroy / AP

The former Subway pitchman was sentenced to more than 15 years in prison in November after pleading guilty to having sex with girls as young as 16. "[Fogle] was obsessed with child pornography and having sex with minors," his sentencing judge said.

3. Josh Duggar

Danny Johnston / AP

The reality TV star and self-proclaimed representative of Christian values admitted in May to molesting girls, including his sisters, when he was a teenager.

Then in August, he admitted to having an affair and viewing pornography after his name was reported to be on the list of leaked clients of the cheating website Ashley Madison.

And finally, in November, Duggar was sued by a porn star who claimed he physically and emotionally hurt her during consensual sex.

4. James Deen

Alessandro Bianchi / Reuters

Porn's most well-known male performer was accused of rape in November by his ex-girlfriend. Since then, eight other women have come forward to accuse Deen of sexual assault or abuse.

Deen described his ex-girlfriend's allegations as "false and defamatory" but has not responded to the other women.

5. Dennis Hastert

Christian K. Lee / AP

The former speaker of the house suffered a stroke last month after pleading guilty in October to "structuring financial payments" to conceal "prior bad acts."

The Republican was accused of paying hush money to a boy he allegedly sexually abused decades ago when he worked as a high school teacher.

6. Martin Shkreli

Craig Ruttle / AP

The former hedge fund manager and pharmaceutical executive was arrested last week and charged with seven counts of fraud. The internet rejoiced in the downfall of the "pharmacy bro" who notoriously raised the price of a life-saving drug from $13.50 to $750, and paid $2 million for the sole copy of the latest Wu-Tang Clan album.

7. Sepp Blatter and FIFA

Philipp Schmidli / Getty Images

On Monday, Blatter and his would-be successor as FIFA president, Michel Platini, were banned from international soccer for eight years over a suspicious $2 million payment.

Although he vowed to fight the ban, it marked the nadir of a turbulent year for Blatter, who had previously been able to deflect allegations of corruption that had swirled throughout his tenure as chief of soccer's world governing body.

8. Volkswagen

Alexander Koerner / Getty Images

The German automaker has said it is facing a crisis that could cost it more than $2.2 billion after U.S. regulators announced in September that they had discovered diesel models fitted with software designed to cheat federal emissions tests.

Former Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn resigned after the news came to light, but maintained he knew nothing of the software.

German prosecutors have since opened a fraud investigation into Winterkorn.

9. Chipotle

Steve Dykes / Getty Images

Of all the companies hit by E. coli outbreaks this year, Chipotle became the most high profile in October after it was forced to temporarily shutter stores in a number of states when 52 customers fell ill. Sales tumbled, and then on Monday, health officials said they were investigating a new outbreak of a different E. coli strain linked to the Mexican grill.

If all that wasn't bad enough, a separate norovirus outbreak in Boston this month sickened about 140 people.

10. Dov Charney and American Apparel

American Apparel / Getty Images
Andrew Burton / Getty Images

The clothing chain once beloved by hipsters everywhere filed for bankruptcy in October. And founder and former CEO Dov Charney was ousted last year amid sexual misconduct claims.

But the bankruptcy has now left Charney — who was once worth almost $70 million — practically broke and owing millions to a hedge fund. He's also banned from holding any role at the company.

11. Rachel Dolezal

"Our daughter is Caucasian" say parents of Spokane NAACP President Rachel Dolezal.

In June, the former president of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Washington, was revealed to be a white woman — by her own parents.

Dolezal immediately became an internet sensation, but the nation's attention soon turned to a messy family dispute over abuse allegations against her brother that was said to have motivated her parents to expose her.

The abuse allegations were later dismissed.

12. Giuliana Rancic and the rest of E!'s Fashion Police.

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

Rancic's comments that singer Zendaya's dreadlocks smelled of "patchouli oil or weed" prompted a racial controversy that saw the E! star apologize, Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffin leave Fashion Police, and the network being forced to place the show on a lengthy hiatus.

13. Ariana Grande

TMZ / Via youtube.com

Filmed by a surveillance camera secretly licking doughnuts in a store while proclaiming she hated America, the pop star was investigated by police. After first chalking her behavior up to concern over America's junk food obsession, Grande later apologized directly for the so-called DoughnutGate.

14. Steve Harvey

John Locher / AP

At the Miss Universe pageant on Sunday, Harvey confused the name of the runner-up, Miss Colombia, with the actual winner, Miss Philippines, leading to one of the most awkward moments in pageant history.

He quickly apologized to both women on Twitter, but misspelled the names of both countries.

15. Miss Colombia

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Crown comes on. Crown comes off.

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