This Washington Post Intern Is Now Famous For His NY Stock Exchange Outage Story

Thad's on it.

On Wednesday, trading was suspended at the New York Stock Exchange as a technical glitch caused panic in the financial world.

One of the first to get a quick breaking news story out was Thad Moore, an intern at the Washington Post's business desk.

People seemed to love a lot about this story — its matter-of-fact headline, the fact that it was one sentence, and that it was such a major news event for an intern to seemingly break.

His short post, which was later padded out, left people hungry for more information.

i'm gonna need a thad moore detail...

But Thad's efforts didn't go unnoticed.

I'm pretty sure Thad the Intern got the scoop on the Stock Market "glitch." Well done, Thad. #NYSEdown #NYSE

His quick-draw was the subject of a lot of praise.

The quick & the dead: NYSE halt reported on web fronts by @washpost intern @thadmoore in 10 min/@nytimes 25 min, @wsj website down totally

People were impressed. Grateful, even.

God bless you @thadmoore

Even New York Times reporters were tweeting about Thad.


He's now the newshound we all turn to in times of crisis.

.@thadmoore what the fuck is going on thad. we need to know. hlep

The editor of Popular Mechanics practically demanded the Post make Thad a full-time employee.

.@washingtonpost YOU MUST HIRE @thadmoore


@EllenKilloran @washingtonpost @thadmoore if Thad is not working a desk by October Ben Bradlee will come back to life to burn the place down

Meanwhile, this glorious screenshot continued to circulate on Twitter.

It's a good day for this @washingtonpost intern - broke the news of NYSE being down.

Thad was on the brink of something big.

@thadmoore I think you’re about to become Twitter famous.

As Eminem once said: "Listen, Thad. You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo."

This is your moment, Thad. Reach out and take it.

People scrambled for comparisons, but Thad was an original.

is thad the new Alex from Target?

"We are all Thad."

Today, we are all Thad. #StadWithThad

Naturally, people wanted to know how Thad was handling all this attention.

How weird do you think @thadmoore’s day is already? #Thad

Well, Thad reacted to his newfound internet fame with a very well-mannered and humble response.

Hey, Twitter. Nice to meet you, too.

BuzzFeed News reached out to him and the Washington Post, but they sadly turned down our request for a chat.

He did make sure to tweet that he didn't "break" the story, per se, but was grateful for the attention nonetheless.

@EssaySnark Definitely didn't break it, but many thanks for the tweet

But spare a thought for the Post's other business desk intern, who was probably out getting everyone coffee like a hero when the newsroom went into meltdown.

Because if @thadmoore wasn't verified already, he would be after today. #EarntheCheck #Thad. Ps: I'm the other intern.

A bad day for trading. A good day for Thad.