Tan France Revealed He's Obsessed With Timothée Chalamet And Is Trying To Slide Into His DMs

Same tho.

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You're not the only person with a major crush on Timothée Chalamet.

Turns out Queer Eye fashion guru Tan France is positively dying to slide into the Little Women star's DMs.

"I am obsessed with this person and I just want to be close to them," France revealed Friday during an interview on BuzzFeed News' AM to DM with his Next in Fashion cohost Alexa Chung. "He's the best dressed man on the red carpet without a doubt!

"I just want to be close to him," he gushed. "I just want to be in the same room. So I'd fake it and say 'I really want to give you a makeover!' but really I just want to play dress-up with him."

This revelation from France prompted Chung to reveal her own Timmy tale.

"I very embarrassingly slid into his DMs," she admitted.

"Really?!" responded a shocked France. "I wanted to!!!"

Chung told a story about how she sent a video of herself and her male friend, who also was nursing a Chalamet crush, singing a made-up song involving the actor's name.

Sadly, she never received a response.

"Obviously not!" she said. "And it's also really creepy. How old is he?" (For the record, he's 24.)

.@tanfrance and @alexa_chung's feelings about @RealChalamet are extremely relatable 😅

France said he knows Chalamet is aware of Queer Eye because the Oscar-nominated actor became friends with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson after the comedian mentioned Chalamet during a sketch he filmed with France.

"I know he's aware of the show, but I haven't dared slide into his DMs!" said France.

Still, he said, Chung's brave DM story had finally given him the courage.

Asked what he would write to Chalamet, France said, "'I love you. Would you consider being my second husband?' Or 'I'll leave my first husband for you.'"

He added, "I'm not usually into twinks in the slightest. I've never dated somebody younger than me, but..."

Don't worry, Tan. We get it.

Next in Fashion, France and Chung's design competition show, is streaming now on Netflix.

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