A Guy Spent Halloween Sleeping Surrounded By 6 Million Dead People

Nope. Nope. Nope.

A Brazilian man probably had the scariest Halloween in the world this year, after winning a competition to spend the night sleeping in the famed Catacombs in Paris, surrounded by millions of skulls and bones.

Pedro Arruda, 27, won a competition hosted by Airbnb, in conjunction with local city officials, that offered the chance for two people to spend the night in the "world's largest graveyard."

Buried beneath the streets of Paris, the Catacombs contain the neatly stacked remains of some 6 million people who died in centuries past.

Stretching for 1.2 miles, the underground maze is one of the city's most famous, and most terrifying, tourist attractions.

In a play on one of the site's standard listings for accommodation, Airbnb listed only three "house rules":

* No animals. In any case, there's already a monster under the bed.
* Respect the peace of your Parisian neighbors, alive or dead.
* Don't forget your toothbrush and pajamas, especially if they glow in the dark.

Contest winner Arruda took his mom Monica to accompany him (and maybe hold his hand) as he was treated to a special tour, a fancy dinner, and a mini concert.

"I'd be much more scared if they were alive," he told the Associated Press.

Sweet dreams, Pedro. 💀

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