Some People Are Seriously Disturbed By This Airbnb Ad

"Sleep in their beds, so you may know their dreams."

On Tuesday, Airbnb released this new ad, titled "Is Mankind?"

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Set to the soaring score from Beasts of the Southern Wild, the ad has narrator Angela Bassett asking: "Are we good?"

"Go see. Go look through their windows so you can understand their views. Sit at their tables so you can share their tastes," she whispers.

"Go see and find out just how kind the Hes and Shes of this mankind are."

Though, when taken out of context — say, in a tweet — the lines from the ad are...pretty creepy.

Sleep in their beds, so you may know their dreams.

This line in particular was causing some confusion on Twitter.

@Airbnb who else read this in a Freddy Krueger voice?

People were really uncomfortable.

@Airbnb Now this is not creepy at all.

Disturbed, even.

Some people questioned the company's marketing strategy.

.@Airbnb just reminded everyone they are sleeping on someone's mattress,that all the other #airbnb 'ers slept on too. #notakebacks

While others wanted to make sure if Airbnb had its science straight.

@_jessetipton @Airbnb creepy AF and not how dreams work

People questioned what else they might learn from staying in someone's home.

@Airbnb 'Look on their computers so you may know their bank details'. Did someone get paid for coming up with this gibberish?

But others couldn't get over the whole sleep thing.

.@Airbnb Sniff their pillows. Get in real deep. Smell their fears and nightmares.

People were also having fun with some of the other taglines.

@Airbnb What about their bathrooms ? ;)

But mostly they were just creeped out.

Remember: "Sleep in their beds..."

" you may know their dreams."