Trump's Social Media Director Is Sharing Fake News About Irma With The President

Dan Scavino was absolutely roasted for his blunder on Twitter.

This is Dan Scavino. He's the director of social media for Trump's White House.

He used to be Trump's golf caddy and then eventually worked as general manager for Trump National Golf Club Westchester.

President Trump and top officials spent the weekend in Camp David, where they were monitoring the onslaught of Hurricane Irma on Florida.

Today's video conference #HurricaneIrma briefing by @Fema at Camp David. Thank you to 1st responders! Stay safe!

Scavino, meanwhile, spent much of Sunday tweeting about the storm from his official government account.

Stay indoors & be safe Naples, Florida! #HurricaneIrma

In one tweet, Scavino said he was sharing social media footage of the hurricane with the president and vice president each hour. "Here is Miami International Airpot. STAY SAFE!!" he wrote, linking to footage of a plane moving on a flooded tarmac.

scavino deleted the tweet, but i filmed it

There was just one problem, as Miami airport staff told Scavino directly:

@Scavino45 @realDonaldTrump @VP This video is not from Miami International Airport.

The footage was filmed at Mexico City's airport during a deluge on Aug. 30.

Así el @AICM_mx debido a la lluvia que cayó esta tarde-noche #Weseros

(This account did not the film the original footage. BuzzFeed News made contact with the person who first filmed it, but they wished to remain anonymous. They provided a screenshot showing the footage was filmed at Aug. 30 at 7:42 p.m. local time).

Scavino was absolutely roasted for his blunder on Twitter.

People mocked him for proudly proclaiming he was sharing fake news with the president.

Or, as Kellyanne Conway might say, "alternative facts."

Scavino eventually deleted the tweet, and apologized for spreading information without verifying his sources.

@iflymia @realDonaldTrump @VP Thank you. It was among 100s of videos/pics I am receiving re: Irma from public. In t…

Maybe he should turn on CNN?

In case you need it, BuzzFeed News has been debunking false information about Hurricane Irma in this handy post. Don't get fooled!

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