Joe Biden Got A Little Handsy With The New Defense Secretary's Wife

We've reached peak Biden.

Vice President Joe Biden swore in Ashton Carter as the new defense secretary in a ceremony at the White House on Tuesday, as Carter's beaming wife Stephanie looked on with pride.

Then this happened.

While Ashton Carter spoke of "the highest honor of his life," the vice president left his hands on Stephanie Carter's shoulders... FOR 28 SECONDS.

Stephanie Carter wasn't really feeling it.

Biden also leaned in to whisper something into her ear... or smell her hair again.

"This is a big fucking deal," Biden has been known to whisper.

Time for a mid-press conference massage.

Secretary Carter then thanked his wife by also touching her. What exactly was her dress made of that made everyone want to get so handsy?

Nothing says power like swearing in a man to run the world's strongest military and then staring right at him while your hands are on his wife.

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