These Artists Made A Stunning Tribute To Prince

♬ Bathing in the purple rain ♬

Since November, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, or LACMA, has played home to an immersive exhibition called the Rain Room.

As people move around the room amid the continuously falling water, the downpour pauses whenever a human body is detected to keep them dry.

Following the death of Prince on Thursday, the artists behind the installation, the Random International collective, asked the museum to turn the rain purple.

Dear @LACMA please make the rain purple tomorrow. RIP Prince

The museum was more than happy to oblige.

Dear @rAndomHQ, it's your call—you created #RainRoom after all. Tomorrow, LACMA will have #PurpleRain in memory of Prince 💜☔️

The result was stunning,

The slow-motion videos were even more incredible.


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