Here's What's Happening In The White House As Explained By "Mean Girls"

Girl World is NOT at peace.

Donald Trump is president, which means he's the center of power and attention.

Republicans are both terrified and in awe of him.

Trump has a habit of writing down all his mean thoughts on Twitter for everyone to see.

Lately, Trump is not happy that his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, recused himself from the Russia investigation.

Sessions made this decision back in March, citing his prominent role in Trump's election campaign. But news had also emerged that he hadn't disclosed meetings with top Russian officials.

So lately Trump's been bad-mouthing Sessions at every chance he gets — on Twitter, in interviews, and even in the White House Rose Garden.

People think Trump wants to replace Sessions with an AG who will curtail the Russia probe, but Sessions has said he's just gonna keep on keeping on.

Vice President Mike Pence wants nothing to do with all this and is trying to distance himself from all things Russia, so he's just carrying on being Mike Pence.

Meanwhile, press secretary Sean Spicer has been one of the most prominent faces of the Trump administration, going on TV frequently to lie on behalf of his boss.

But Spicer struggled during his press briefings and was frequently criticized for his messaging and tone.

Behind the scenes, Trump was reportedly not a fan of Spicer and criticized him frequently. He was even said to be upset that Spicer was being portrayed by a woman, Melissa McCarthy, on Saturday Night Live.

Trump blames his communications department for failing to properly sell what he sees as his many achievements to the American people.

As retribution, he's said to have blocked Spicer, a Catholic, from meeting the Pope when they all went to the Vatican.

So, with all this drama, Trump has brought a new member into the White House clique: Anthony Scaramucci.

As the new head of the communications department, Scaramucci is slick, confident, and obsessed with hair and makeup.

He also keeps going on TV and telling everyone how much he loves — yes, loves — the president.

Spicer was pissed that he'd have to report to Scaramucci, so he resigned.

And Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Spicer's deputy, was promoted.

Meanwhile, Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, who is widely viewed as a weak figure in the White House, was also said to not be pleased with Scaramucci's appointment.

On Wednesday, Politico reported on Scaramucci's (publicly available) financial disclosures. In an angry tweet, he then called the story a "leak" from the White House and even tagged Priebus, which some saw as an attack on the chief of staff.

Scaramucci later deleted the tweet and said he wasn't trying to blame Priebus. BUT he then went on TV and compared their relationship to the biblical brothers Cain and Abel (Spoiler: Cain murders Abel).

AND THEN on Thursday evening the New Yorker published an interview in which Scaramucci called Priebus "a fucking paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac."

People are wondering how far all this backstabbing will go.

Meanwhile, the media is watching on...

And the press LOVES all the drama.

As does Trump, who despite all the chaos, enjoys people fighting for his favor.

Make America Great Again!

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