The NY Post Published 12 AOC Stories In One Day

AOC clapped back on Twitter.

It's safe to say she has their attention.

The New York Post published an astonishing 12 separate stories about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Saturday.

"AOC is clothes-minded in luxe designer dress on The View," read the first story published by the New York City tabloid.

Ten stories later, the final headline read, "AOC says Thomas Jefferson 'was a progressive' president."

In between, there were stories on her singing along to Bon Jovi while on a road trip, criticizing Fox News and Hillary Clinton, and reviewing Flamin' Hot Cheetos.

A review of the Post's tag for the liberal lawmaker shows they usually write one AOC story every few days, so the sheer volume on Saturday stood out.

The tabloid's Twitter account, @nypost, tweeted them out one by one in just a matter of hours — something that caught the eye of many observers online.

A running thing that flew under the radar was that @nypost tweeted twelve stories about AOC today.

NY Post having an extremely normal one

People wondered why the newspaper was so obsessed with AOC.

The prevalence of AOC stories and content across media and social media is not a new phenomenon. A BuzzFeed News analysis found more than 40,000 posts about her on Gab, a favored platform for the alt-right.

The liberal lawmaker has also been compared to Trump with respect to how she uses social media in order to dominate the mainstream media conversation.

New York Post Editor-in-Chief Stephen Lynch didn't respond to a request for comment, nor did reporter Jon Levine, who wrote the vast majority of the AOC stories on Saturday.

But the reason for the large volume of Post stories on Saturday appeared to be quite simple: Levine watched several old Facebook Live videos AOC had made several years ago and chose to write 10 individual small stories, rather than one large one, so they could each travel separately with their own headlines.

Hours after the stories were published online and caught people's attention, staff at the New York Post changed the headlines of Levine's posts to brand them as "The AOC Tapes," presumably to make clear that they were part of a series.

One story not by Levine — and which was ratioed to high hell on Twitter — criticized the democratic socialist for wearing a dress by designer Rickie Freeman that was selling at Saks Fifth Avenue for $232, marked down from $580.

AOC wears luxe designer dress on 'The View'

Many of the replies castigated the paper for their fashion critique.

@nypost New York Post: “WHY ISN’T AOC WEARING A BURLAP SACK??” 🙄

@nypost If I was AOC I would just walk around wearing a giant barrel

Others wondered if male politicians deserve the same scrutiny for their sartorial choices.

@nypost Hi @nypost - Can you also report on what all the men in Congress wore this week in any tv appearances? @AOC

@nypost How much did this suit cost? More than AOC’s blouse

But others still subscribed to the Post's assessment that AOC was being hypocritical.

@nypost Because she built a platform as if she’s all about the working class. She’s just interested in making herself rich!

Seeking to clarify things and dunk on the Post, AOC wrote on Twitter that she doesn't buy most of her clothes outright.

She also criticized the double standard when it comes to the clothes worn by male politicians.

Yep! I rent, borrow, and thrift my clothes. (It’s also environmentally sustainable!) 🌎 The Post is just mad that you can look good fighting for working families. Sequins are a great accessory to universal healthcare, don’t you agree? ✨😉

Tempted to do a “woman on the street” bit and wait outside the Republican cloak room to ask each GOP Congressman how much their tailored suits cost 🎤

After her tweets, the Post updated their story to make clear AOC had rented the dress.

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