This Woman With A "Rude" Last Name Started The Best Thread On Twitter

"As a person named James Butts, I know these problems."

This is Natalie Weiner. She's a New York–based reporter for the sports website SB Nation.

On Tuesday, Weiner was attempting to make an account on MaxPreps, a website that covers high school sports.

There was, umm, just one problem: her last name. She encountered an error message: "Offensive language discovered in the last name field."

All Weiner could do was laugh, so she shared the error message on Twitter, where it soon went super viral. "I am weeping," she wrote in a follow-up tweet.

this is without a doubt the best thing that's ever happened to me

Weiner quickly found there were a lot of people out there who knew her struggle.

"Happens to me all the time," wrote this poor s....oul.

Many, many others responded to her tweet, including a bunch of people who shared similar variations on the last name.

Not one but two guys named Matt Cummings also chimed in.

As did this dude, Philip Sporn (say it out loud).

Mr. Gaywood also had opinions.

As did Ms. Shitara.

And Mr. Cockburn.

Poor Paul Gay was just trying to buy some health insurance.

@natalieweiner I was trying to get health insurance ...

There was some good to come of Weiner's tweet going viral. MaxPreps said it would unblock her last name, eventually allowing her to make an account. The site explained it has to block some words because "teenagers can get creative."

@natalieweiner 👀Teenagers can get creative🤐 For now, please use W. We are going to unblock your last name but it may take a few days. Thanks

"We use names on our site of members when providing live scores," MaxPreps said on Twitter. "I'd hope you would understand why we filter names."

Weiner was much too busy doing her job to talk to BuzzFeed News for this silly story, but she did say via email she was "just happy to bring attention to the plight of those with lewd/'offensive' last names, I guess lol."

so many people have the last name weiner, and have for a zillion years, and here we are

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