Twitter Has Decided Trump's New Communications Director Is The Boneitis Guy From "Futurama"

"My only that I have...boneitis."

This is Anthony Scaramucci. He's a hedge fund founder and the new communications director at Trump's White House.

A wealthy businessman with slick television skills (and a great head of hair), the president hired Scaramucci on Friday. Press secretary Sean Spicer then immediately resigned in protest.

This is "That Guy" from Futurama. He appeared in the Season 4 episode "Future Stock" after cryogenically freezing himself in the 1980s and waking up in the year 3002.

In the show, he has a made-up disease called "boneitis," which eventually cripples him because he's working so much he forgets to find a cure.

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Having boneitis is his only regret.

A high-powered smooth operator in a sharp suit, he was adept at corporate speak. For example, he taught Fry to say, "Don't you worry about blank. Let me worry about blank."

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He was also obsessed with "imagery," and was able to manipulate his way into taking over running Planet Express.

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He also liked to say, "Awesome. Awesome to the max."

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And he was a fan of the '80s song "Safety Dance."

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Anyway, after Scaramucci appeared at his first White House briefing on Friday, a lot of people began comparing the two.

Anyone notice that the White House hired the 80s guy from Futurama to be the new head of communications?…

The tweets were awesome to the max.

My wife instantly new who the new press secretary reminded us of

Maybe it was the suits?

Can someone explain how Anthony @Scaramucci and the Boneitis businessman from Futurama are THE SAME PERSON

Or the hair?

I feel like we're living in a Futurama episode now

Or just the slick, can-do attitude?

Whatever it is, people began attributing Futurama quotes to Scaramucci.

"Don't you worry about blank, let me worry about blank." #Scaramucci #Futurama

@McJesse @Soapy_Wit_Tank "Don't you worry about collusion with the Russians, let ME worry about blank."

And there were a LOT of boneitis jokes.

Anthony Scaramucci: WH Comms Director, future victim of boneitis

@LesserFrederick Excellent. Maybe Trumpcare can help find a cure for boneitis.

Anthony Scaramucci's only regret is that he has boneitis.

@brockwilbur He needs to remember to find that cure for boneitis!

I regret to inform you that our nation's new press secretary, Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci, has terminal boneitis

Here's one Futurama quote that Scaramucci might consider adopting though:

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Watch out, Sean Spicer.

@McJesse "FANTASTIC! Now, the first order of business is to blame everything on the guy before me."

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