BuzzFeed News reporters went to the streets after Joe Biden's win to ask people what they had to say. Here are some of their reactions...

Zoe Zisser, 17 — Philadelphia

Amber Jamieson/BuzzFeed News

"Thank you, but it’s not over yet. You have to keep going."

Meka, 30 — Washington, DC, via Detroit

Paul McLeod/BuzzFeed News

"Joe Biden, thank you. This is the beginning. We got a lot of work to do. We're going to hold you accountable, we're going to keep moving forward to make this country better and united."

Leta Von Beulow — Lansing, Michigan

Rosalind Adams/BuzzFeed News

"You lost, Biden! Give up!"

Melissa Nsiah, 33 — Brooklyn

Albert Samaha/BuzzFeed News

"Just unify the country. We’re a beautiful country of so many different cultures and backgrounds. What the US needs right now is leadership."

Steve Harner, 34, Philadelphia

Amber Jamieson/BuzzFeed News

"Good luck. We're all here for you and we're willing to work with anyone and find common ground."

Pam Murdock, 52 — Lansing, Michigan

Rosalind Adams/BuzzFeed News

"You can't catch someone stealing unless you let them leave the store."

Cari, 30 — Washington, DC

Paul McLeod/BuzzFeed News

"Thank you. Just thank you for winning."

Aditi Rao, 35, Philadelphia

Amber Jamieson/BuzzFeed News

"Thank you. Thank you for running for us. Thank you for fighting for us. Thank you for saving our democracy."

Dean Frolicks, 27, on the shoulders of Emily Cias, 26 — Brooklyn

Ema O'Connor/BuzzFeed News

Dean: "Be better!"

Emily: "Biden really needs to up his fucking game and do better."

Shawn Puri, 36, Philadelphia

Amber Jamieson/BuzzFeed News

"Thank you for running a great campaign. Thank you for persevering. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Tammy Szacon, 62 — Lansing, Michigan

Rosalind Adams/BuzzFeed News

“All we want is transparency. If there’s no issues at the polling centers, then you should simply allow recounts and for both representatives from the Republican Party and the Democratic Party to be present. We have no problem losing; we just need to know that we’ve lost fair and square."

Russell Lee, 62 — Lorton, Virginia

Paul McLeod/BuzzFeed News

"Joe Biden has a tough job of bringing the country together because we are as divided as we have ever been. I think his first job is bringing this country back together so he can be an effective leader."

Dito Sevilla — Washington, DC

Paul McLeod/BuzzFeed News

"Welcome back to DC, sir. We're can't wait to have you. I know you're going to have an inclusive message for all Americans."

Will Mensah, 41 — Brooklyn

Albert Samaha/BuzzFeed News

"We’re gonna hold you accountable. I know he’s working with a Republican Senate; it’s gonna be tough. But as long as you try to do what you’re supposed to do, we can set the stage for the future."

Richard Alexander, 33 — Washington, DC

Paul McLeod/BuzzFeed News

"Get it done."

B Manning, 18 — Chicago via Arkansas

Tanya Chen/BuzzFeed News

"Biden, it’s a relief to have him in office. But just ’cause he’s there doesn’t mean the job is done. He’s going to have to listen to the people. And work 10 times as hard.”

Maddie Schumacher, 22 — Washington, DC

Nidhi Prakash/BuzzFeed News

"Congratulations, you won because of Black voters ... My expectation for Joe Biden in the future is to continue to listen to people of color, the people who elected him and got him this victory, and to listen to them and to deliver for them."

Richard Paules — Washington, DC

Paul McLeod/BuzzFeed News

"Stay strong and don't forget us."

Rebecca Kronman, 38, and David Kronman, 42 — Brooklyn

Ema O'Connor/BuzzFeed News

Rebecca: "Stay vigilant. You’re not done with the fight to dismantle white supremacy. You gotta get in the fight, buddy."

Will Kresch, 33 — New Jersey

Ema O'Connor/BuzzFeed News

"Joe, fix your dentures, have some Adderall, and put Kamala to work because there is so much good that we can do."

Danielle Walton, 28, and Taliyah Green, 23 — Washington, DC

Nidhi Prakash/BuzzFeed News

Walton: "Welcome. I hope you do the right thing. We voted you in for a reason. So take care of the people because we took care of you."

Green: "Hey, what's good? Welcome to the team. Please do what you got to do fix all the errors he's made."

Henry Quintana, 28, and Andrea Flores, 27 — Brooklyn

Albert Samaha/BuzzFeed News

Quintana: "Good luck."

Flores: "Don't forget all the people who voted for you and are gonna be watching you and holding you accountable."