Melanie C Wants The Spice Girls To Do A US Tour After The Coronavirus Pandemic

"Tricky times, but I like to think in the future there will definitely be more Spice shows," the singer told BuzzFeed News.

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Like countless people around the world, singer Melanie C, aka Sporty Spice, is currently hunkering down in her home as part of measures to contain the coronavirus.

A day after the British prime minister ordered the UK into full lockdown, Melanie revealed to BuzzFeed News' Twitter show AM to DM that she has as times struggled with her emotions as she practices social distancing.

"The emotions and the feelings that you go through," she said. "There's part of me that goes, Wow, this is a great break. I get to stay at home and rest and hang out with my kids more. And then the other part of me is like, Argh, I want to get out! I want to get out!"

"Sometimes I feel quite down," she admitted, "but I think it's really important for us as humans to go, You know what? We need to find the positives in this, even if it is reconnecting.

"Obviously, we have to distance from our friends, but I'm finding I'm checking in on them more and speaking to my parents more."

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The singer did admit that homeschooling her kids has been an "interesting" challenge.

"I know personally I need a routine or I'm just going to be watching Netflix all day," she said.

"It's quite relaxed," she said of the routine she's set up for her children. "I don't want to be super rigid with it. Just have some work time, some free time, some chill time, and it's going OK. The kids are a bit reluctant to sit down and focus, but I get that. It's hard!"

One thing she's looking forward to once the pandemic is over is the possibility that she and the other members of the Spice Girls reunite once more for further reunion tours.

Four of the five members (Victoria Beckham declined to participate) performed 13 shows across the UK last year, earning more than $78 million.

Asked if there were any plans for the girls to head to the US, Melanie C replied, "I hope so! I really hope so!"

"We had the best time last year. The shows were incredible. The audiences were insane," she said. "People came from the US — all over the world. Every night there were so many international flags.

"Us girls, we still talk. We have our phones. We talk about opportunities," she added. "Like you said — tricky, tricky times, but I like to think in the future there will definitely be more Spice shows."

In the meantime, fans can enjoy her new solo single, "Who I Am." A music video for the track dropped last week, showing Melanie C revisiting some of the most iconic looks from her music career.

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"I do have more courage to speak up for myself and maybe explore things about myself that I wasn't comfortable doing before," she said. "I really feel like this is a new chapter for me, both musically and kind of personally."

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