People Are Falling For A Fake News Story Suggesting Malia Obama Is Pregnant

Obviously BS.

A fake news story about Malia Obama's "pregnancy" from the hoax website EmpireNews.Net has been bubbling around the backwaters of the internet since it was published on Nov. 28, but now a fake Facebook account for Fox News is duping more people.

Of course, "Fox News Channel" is not the network's official account, which is made even more obvious by the fact it shares only Empire News articles and has 59 likes.

The "satirical" article, which is steeped in harmful racial stereotypes, has already been thoroughly debunked and mocked by the Washington Post and Snopes.

The Facebook account also appears to be part of a spam phishing attack, with most of the thousands of comments on the Obama story being people automatically tagging four friends.

But that hasn't stopped people sharing their reactions to the "news."

Barack Obama's 16 year old daughter is pregnant oh my lord 🙈

Fox "news" really just shared on their fb an empire news story about Malia Obama being pregnant. Way to go sharing satire as news.

Obama daughter pregnant! Who is responsible for this 😂😂😂


Obama's 16 yr old daughter is pregnant? Srsly?! 😳

dam somebody got Obama daughter pregnant

Obama's daughter is pregnant at 16. Nice.

But other users also correctly pointed out that people will believe anything.

If you genuinely believe Obama's daughter is pregnant please have a word with yourself 😂

Obama's daughter is not pregnant some people are so fucking dumb

Breaking News: Malia Obama is not pregnant. Hot off the wire: Earth is not being invaded by Martians. Now back to your regular Twitter Feed.