Lin-Manuel Miranda Freestyled At The White House With Obama's Help

This is totally boss.

The cast of the game-changing musical Hamilton left Broadway on Monday and made a trip to Washington to visit the White House.

"Let’s get started. Enjoy the show, everybody!" —@POTUS: #Bam4Ham

Musical creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda geeked out with Treasury Secretary Jack Lew before a portrait of Hamilton himself, who was the first man to hold that role.

Three Treasury Secretaries (2 IRL and 1 on stage) meet in the #roomwhereithappens.

And the cast even performed a few of the numbers you've had in your head since you discovered the incredible soundtrack.

Watch live: @POTUS speaks before a special @HamiltonMusical performance at the White House.

But here's the best part: Miranda joined President Obama in the White House Rose Garden to produce this video showcasing his freestyling genius — with an assist from POTUS.

Facebook: video.php

Lin-Manuel, we as a nation are not worthy of you.

BONUS GIF: Here's the President of the United States giving the best order ever.

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