Teens Are Taking Photos Of Themselves Licking Doughnuts Out Of Solidarity With Ariana Grande

"If she licks we ALL LICK with her."

Just when you thought the best story of the year was licked, Doughnut-Gate continues.

The owner of the California doughnut shop where Ariana Grande was filmed secretly licking doughnuts and saying that she hates America said Tuesday that he has pressed charges against the pop star.

Despite issuing two apologies, police have been investigating Grande over the "malicious licking."

All this negative press has caused a lot of stress for Ariana Grande fans, who have responded in a completely normal way...

By taking photos of them licking 🍩 emojis and uploading them to Instagram.

Diehard Arianators are defending the pop star using the hashtag #LickDonutsWithAri.

Girls are doing it...

Boys are doing it...

Friends are doing it...

Even cats are doing it...

The brave ones are even licking real doughnuts — just like their idol.

The photos are all being helpfully compiled on the account @Lick_Donuts_With_Ari.

The account's biography reads: "Ariana Grande loves 🇺🇸 She doesn't hate 🇺🇸 If she licks we ALL LICK 🍩🍩 with her. 🌙💜 Join the Donut Squad: DM a donut selfie #lickdonutswithari"

A ton of Ariana Grande fan accounts have also changed their Insta bios to read, "I lick donuts with Ariana."

So, don't worry, Ariana. Your fans are with you — and they won't stop licking doughnuts until this whole scandal is behind you.

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