Julia Garner Opened Up About Playing Anna Delvey In Shonda Rhimes' New Netflix Show

Garner, star of Ozark and The Assistant, hinted at a meeting with the convicted scammer in prison.

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Emmy winner Julia Garner has opened up about the unique challenge she's facing as she plays convicted scammer and wannabe New York socialite Anna Delvey.

"It's been very fun playing this part, and it's been very challenging," Garner told BuzzFeed News' AM to DM in an interview that aired Friday.

"It's definitely a hard part. It's very complex," she added. "The accent is crazy, I will give you that, because she's from Germany and Russia. It's been a good process."

The upcoming Netflix show — the first by creator Shonda Rhimes for the streaming platform — will be called Inventing Anna. It will follow the true story of Anna Sorokin, who faked being a Manhattan socialite from Europe named Anna Delvey for nearly a year.

Last May, she was sentenced to four years in prison for swindling New York's social elite and banks out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in her quest to make it in the big city.

"She was blinded by the glitter and glamour of New York City," the judge said at her sentencing.

Garner hinted to BuzzFeed News of a meeting between her and the convicted scammer in prison. When asked if she had visited the notoriously image-conscious Sorokin in jail, Garner only teased, "That question is for another time when I come back here."

Inventing Anna also stars Anna Chlumsky from Veep as a reporter investigating the wannabe socialite and Laverne Cox from Orange Is the New Black as a personal trainer and life coach swindled by Anna.

Garner, who won an Emmy last year for her work on Ozark, was joined by Kitty Green, who wrote and directed their new film, The Assistant.

Inspired by the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the movie tells the story of a young woman who takes an entry-level job at a film production company, only to be shocked by the behavior of her boss.

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"It's an important story and it was the first movie that I read that was about [the #MeToo movement], so I was intrigued," said Garner.

Green said she making the film was "really touchy" and "difficult" given the sensitivity of the material.

"There's so much trauma. There's people who survived assault experiences there, so we have to take everyone into consideration there," she said.

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