Joel McHale Gave The Proceeds From His North Carolina Show To An LGBT Group

He wanted to show his support to the local LGBT community, after state lawmakers passed an anti-LGBT bill.

In addition to being outrageously handsome and hilarious, here's proof that Joel McHale, Community star and former host of The Soup, also has a heart of gold.

McHale decided to go ahead with his show in Durham, North Carolina, on Friday night, despite that state facing major backlash for passing an anti-LGBT law.

While Bruce Springsteen on Friday announced he'd decided to cancel his concert in the state to protest against the law, McHale opted to proceed with his show and donate the profits to the LGBTQ Center of Durham.

He even wore a self-made LGBTQ Center of Durham shirt using duct tape, as shown in this post from Durham Performing Arts Center production assistant Michele Cochrane.

In video from the performance, McHale told the crowd the law, which repealed LGBT protections and barred transgender people from certain restrooms, was "fucking crazy."

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He admitted "there was a moment [he] wasn't going to come," but opted to perform in Durham because the city council passed a resolution opposing the law.

McHale's publicist, Lewis Kay, told BuzzFeed News the exact amount won't be known until Monday, when the comedian's agents and the venue confirm the figure.

"Joel is vehemently opposed to HB2 [the anti-LGBT law] and knows there are many in Durham...that share the feeling," Kay said. "He felt this was a good way to raise awareness and much needed funds for a local center that is on the front line of this important cause."

Helena Cragg, the board chair for the LGBTQ Center of Durham, told BuzzFeed News McHale's gesture was "heartwarming."

"As a new center we generously appreciate that kind of support in this moment while our people are hurting over the ways our local general assembly is not treating them properly," she said.

"It's heartwarming to get that kind of support from someone passing through and performing," she said.

Cragg said she applauded both McHale and Springsteen for their gestures.

"I'm a big believer in the fact that for every movement different people need to implement different strategies," she said. "All strategies that bring attention to this horrible bill and encourage our general assembly to do the right thing are valid."

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