Jeb Bush Gets Something Off His Chest: "Donald Trump Is A Jerk"

"I feel better now. I gave myself therapy there."

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Allowing himself a "moment of therapy," Jeb Bush finally got something off his chest on Saturday morning by calling Donald Trump a "jerk" before a crowd at a New Hampshire campaign event.

Bullied by Trump for months over his "low energy" and tanking poll numbers, the former Florida governor's frank description of the GOP frontrunner was evidently a cathartic moment. Just Friday, the billionaire had described Bush as being "dumb as a rock."

The last thing our country needs is another BUSH! Dumb as a rock!

"Just one other thing — I gotta get this off my chest — Donald Trump is a jerk," Bush told the crowd in Contoocook to applause and laughter captured by a CNN camera.

The moment came after Bush answered a question on how he would help people with disabilities as president. He then took the opportunity to highlight Trump's apparent mocking last month of a New York Times reporter with a disability.

"You cannot insult your way to the presidency," Bush said, repeating a line he used against Trump in Tuesday's GOP debate. "You can't disparage women, Hispanics, disabled people. Who is he kidding?"

"This country is far better than that, and the idea that he's actually running for president and insulting people is deeply discouraging," he said.

"A guy like that should not be the front-running candidate of our great party. That is not how we win," Bush said to more applause.

"I feel better now. I gave myself therapy there. Thank you for allowing me to do that."

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