Facebook Has Scrapped "Maybe Attending" So Now You Have To Come To My Party

Introducing "Interested."

In news bound to delight those blessed few friends of yours who take it upon themselves to organize all social gatherings, Facebook has scrapped that annoying "maybe attending" button that totally messed with their RSVP planning.

Or, alternatively, in news bound to horrify all of you who like to only semi-commit to coming to my birthday party, Facebook scrapped the "maybe attending" button and replaced it with something else.

Introducing "Interested": the new non-committal way to indicate your interest in an event.

MoMo Zhou, a Facebook spokesperson, told BuzzFeed News the new "Interested" button is now available to all users.

The new button is only available on public events. For private ones, the options will remain the same as ever.

If you click it, you'll still get updates from the event and can decide later on if you actually want to go.

The new button will allow event planners to get a better sense of who is actually going to show up vs. who is just interested/being polite.

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