A Bunch Of People Got Hurt On Christmas Riding Their New Hoverboards

'Tis the season for broken bones.

Hoverboards were the hottest gift under the Christmas tree this year, and many people spent Friday learning how to use their new toys — with painful results.

It was, shall we say, a steep learning curve.

People had little falls...

...and people had big falls.

The hard surface of the street was maybe not the best place to give it a try.

Some people gave up straightaway.

While others who thought they were getting the hang of it quickly discovered they weren't.

Bones were broken.

Elbows were hurt.

And knees were seriously, seriously grazed. (LOOK AWAY FROM THIS ONE IF THAT KIND OF STUFF GROSSES YOU OUT).

Mostly, though, people couldn't seem to control the damn things.

Which meant we were all blessed with great Christmas videos like these.

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