Hillary's Rejected Campaign Slogans Leaked And They Read Like Self-Help Mantras

Time for some slow breathing and inspirational maxims, via the hacked emails of the Clinton campaign chairman.

It's the middle of the week.

You're stressed. You're doubt yourself. You don't know if you have it in you.


Take a minute.


It's time to find some inner peace and zen with the help of these self-help mantras that also happen to be rejected slogans for Hillary Clinton's campaign that were published Wednesday by WikiLeaks.

Repeat these out loud to yourself and find yourself.

Theme: Fairness/Families

A fair shot and a fair deal

Hillary — For Fairness. For Families.

Building a fairer future today

Fairness worth the fight

Fairness First.

Putting Fairness First

A fair chance for families

A fair fight for families

You’ve earned a fair shot

You’ve earned a fair chance

A fair chance to get ahead

Families first

Building a fairer future

Fairness for all our families

Theme: Fighter

Fighting for Fairness. Fighting for you.

She’s got your back

Your family is her fight

Your family. Her fight

Your future is her fight

Your future. Her fight.

A force for families

No Quit

A fighting chance for families

Theme: Basic Bargain/Making America Work

Renewing America’s promise

Renewing our basic bargain

A new promise for a new time

A better bargain for a better tomorrow

Get ahead. Stay ahead.

A better bargain. For all.

An America that works for you.

An America built for you.

A new bargain for a stronger America

Time for a better bargain.

Putting America to work for you

Making America work for you

A promise you can count on

Theme: Strength

Stronger together

A stronger tomorrow

Strength and fairness

Together we're strong.

Strength you can count on

A stronger America working for you

The ideas we need and the strength to deliver

A stronger America for a new day

America’s strength. America’s promise.

American strength from American families

Stronger at home

For an America that leads

America gets strong when you get ahead

A stronger America one family at a time

Strength for all our families

Theme: Results/Count on

Real Fairness; Real Solutions

New Solutions Real Results

A new bargain we can count on.

Progress for the rest of us

Theme: In it together

Progress for people

Progress for all

Getting ahead together

Making America work. Together.

Moving Ahead. Together.

Theme: Future/Forward

Your future. Your terms.

Lifting us up. Moving us forward.

Building tomorrow’s America

Building a better tomorrow

Our Families, Our Future

Secure the Future

A future worth fighting for

For your family. For America's future

Don’t turn back

Keep moving

Move up

Rise Up

Own the future

Go further

Move ahead

Climb higher

Unleash opportunity

Theme: It’s about you

It's about you. It's about time

It’s about time…and it’s about you.

It’s about you.

Because your time is now

It’s your turn

It’s your time

It’s your time

Next begins with you