Turns Out One Of The NY Prison Escapees Is Actually A Talented Artist

Beware: the next time you encounter a street artist offering portraits, check to see if he's a wanted man.

Authorities in upstate New York are continuing to search for two convicted murderers who escaped from a maximum security prison earlier this month.

John Mulligan of Syracuse, New York, befriended Matt while in prison after Mulligan was arrested for bank robbery in 2007. He told CNYCentral.com that in addition to apparently being a skilled jail-breaker, Matt is also talented artist.

A friend who served time with #PrisonBreakNY convict Richard Matt has several of his paintings.

Mulligan said that several years ago he began receiving art works from Matt, who apparently enjoyed painting as a way to keep his mind busy while in jail.

"He's definitely talented and his life is wasted because I don't think he'll ever be released, especially not now," Mulligan told CNY Central. "Wasted talent is the worst. What he could have become if he didn't take the route that he did."

Here's Matt's 2011 black and white portrait of Hillary Clinton.

Painting of @HillaryClinton by #PrisonBreakNY convict Richard Matt

And here's Bill:

Paintings of @billclinton and Martin Luther King Jr. by #PrisonBreakNY convict Richard Matt

And here's one of President Obama and MLK entitled "Dream Fulfilled."

Painting of @POTUS Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. by #PrisonBreakNY convict Richard Matt

Not all his works are political, though. Here's a painting of Angelina Jolie.

Painting of Angelina Jolie by #PrisonBreakNY convict Richard Matt.

Julia Roberts...

Painting of Julia Roberts by #PrisonBreakNY convict Richard Matt

And Oprah! "She changed so many lives," the enscription reads. "Thank you, Oprah."

Painting of @Oprah by #PrisonBreakNY convict Richard Matt. Caption reads "She changed so many lives. Thank you Oprah"