A Reporter Went On "GMA" Wearing No Pants. He Didn't Realize We Could All See.

Who can be bothered putting on a full suit while in quarantine?

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If you're like me, your working-from-home outfit includes a lot of sweatpants and comfy clothes. But if you're a reporter who has to go on TV, that means you probably are still required to make an effort.

Take Will Reeve, an ABC reporter, who did a piece for Good Morning America on Tuesday about pharmacies using drones to deliver prescriptions to people in a Florida retirement village.

"What is an innovative, high-tech way to get people their medicine quickly while promoting social distancing?" a cheery Reeve asked during a live-cross to the studio from his home. "Drones!"

At the start of his chat with host Amy Robach, Reeve's camera had a pretty good shot and the graphics at the bottom of the screen covered up a lot.

But after his piece concluded and it was just a wide shot of Reeve onscreen — with a smaller graphics banner — suddenly things looked a little more...revealing.

As Reeve talked about "the final leg of the prescriptions' journeys," viewers at home could see a glimpse of his own leg.

Yes, Reeve had only bothered to dress the top part of his body.

Right at the end, as he talked about how the drone program might be "scaled up," Reeve moved his bare leg up, too, and there it was for us all to see.

Then, as the screen returned to the two-shot of Reeve with the GMA anchors, Robach made this face for a split second.

Did you catch that?


Eagle-eyed viewers watching at home also had a good laugh.

@GMA this guy isn’t wearing pants!

Is it too much to expect reporters to wear pants?@GMA

@GMA I think Will forgot his pants this morning!

One viewer incorrectly identified the reporter as Tom Llamas.

My man @TomLlamasABC forgot his pants this morning. Watch it on the wide shots, Sir. There’s children present. And housewives. Lonely. Lonely, housewives. @GMA

To which Reeve later responded:

@David_eRm @CAP10AMERICA @TomLlamasABC @GMA No it was definitely @TomLlamasABC for sure 100% no way was it me framing up the shot alone and blowing it

He later admitted he had been wearing workout clothes underneath his suit jacket.

When WFH goes wrong (or, your self-framed live shot goes too wide). Hope everyone got a much needed laugh 😂

Emailed for comment for this story by BuzzFeed News, Reeve responded, "Let me get dressed and I’ll get back to you soon 😂."

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