Which Of The "Friends" Characters Voted For Trump?

All the ’90s characters are doing it!

So, the reboot of Roseanne aired on Tuesday night and was a smash hit for ABC, with more than 18 MILLION viewers tuning in.

That's almost 2 million more viewers than the show's 1997 series finale!

Of course, much has been made of the fact that the character Roseanne — just like actor Roseanne Barr — voted for Trump.

But in Tuesday's premiere, it was also revealed that Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) voted for Jill Stein after being bullied — and ultimately confused — by Roseanne during the election.

Addressing Trump wasn't the only thing the Roseanne reboot did to stay up-to-date in 2018.

In the show, Roseanne has a black granddaughter, and a grandson who likes to wear nail polish.

Meanwhile, one of her underemployed daughters, Becky (Lecy Goranson), is considering becoming a surrogate in a bid to earn some money.

But still, it's the titular character's political preferences that have been the subject of many, many headlines.

All of which got me thinking...

ok if they reboot Friends and try to make it topical which one of them voted for trump

After all, fans — and even the cast — are ALWAYS talking about the possibility of a Friends revival.

So, the question got a lot of people talking...

@davidmackau Ross voted for Trump Monica & Chandler voted 3rd party Rachel & Phoebe voted for Hillary Joey slept through the election and didn’t vote

@tribranchvo @davidmackau omg no Ross definitely didn't vote Trump - he cares way too much about facts and science to do that. If any of them voted for Trump, it'd be Joey (anti-intellectual, low information voter)

Everyone had opinions.

Probably Joey votes for Trump. Monica and Chandler are Hillary voters, obviously. Phoebe votes for Jill Stein. Rachel doesn't vote. Ross is a tough call. Early Ross is a man of liberal scientism, but late Ross seems kinda red-pilled. https://t.co/hC1wGdkDJi

Ross is pro-science; votes Hillary Joey votes Trump because he thinks he can get a job as a paid protester Phoebe votes Jill Stein Rachel is an Ivanka voter Monica just wants a woman in the WH; votes Hillary Chandler says he votes Hillary so Monica doesn't get mad; doesn't vote https://t.co/ZsnZWC3FsU

Rachel as a white woman who voted for trump because she found Hillary shrill or Phoebe as a @DrJillStein voter because Phoebe ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. https://t.co/aMttxpd3R0

It's Monica. She runs her own business and enjoys infuriating her brother. https://t.co/pJV3baRcDe

So, let's do this: The One Where They Vote in the 2016 Election.

P.S. Here's one final alternative answer.

gunther the coffee shop guy cuz he was driven to mens rights forums after years of being ignored by women https://t.co/aX7DnCmZEd

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